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[MinTamil] காதில் பூ சுத்துவதுக்கும் அளவு வேணாமா?

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ரோகித் குண்டாரி எனும் மாணவன் அண்ணா பல்கலைகழகத்தில் இரண்டாமாண்டு எஞினியரிங் படித்து வந்தான். இரு நாட்களுக்கு முன்பு வந்த இந்து நாளிதழ் செய்தியில் "குண்டாரி கலிபோர்னியா பெர்க்லி பல்கலைகழகத்தில் நடந்த கருத்தரங்கில் ஒரு பேப்பரை சமர்பித்து, அதை பார்த்தவுடன் பெர்க்லி பல்கலைகழகம் அவருக்கு டாக்டர் பட்டம் கொடுத்து சிறப்பித்துவிட்டது" என செய்தி வந்தது.

இது நம்பும்படி இருக்கா? இப்படி எதாவது கான்பரன்ஸ் பேப்பருக்கு டாக்டர் பட்டம் கொடுப்பார்களா என கூட யோசிக்காமல் அண்ணா பல்கலைகழகத்தில் குண்டாரிக்கு வெற்றிவிழா எடுக்கவும், பத்திரிக்கைகளில் பேட்டிகளும் வர ஆரம்பித்துவிட்டன.

தகவல் அறிந்து அதிர்ந்து போன பெர்க்லி பல்கலைகழகம் இதை கடுமையாக மறுத்து "குண்டாரியின் பேப்பர் கருத்தரங்கில் சமர்ப்பிக்க பட கூட இல்லை. அது நிராகரிக்கபட்டுவிட்டது. ஆனால் போனால் போகுது என வராண்டாவில் அந்த பேப்பரை ஒரு போஸ்டரில் ஒட்டி வைத்தோம். அதுக்கு எல்லாம் டாக்டர் பட்டமா கொடுப்போம்?" என நொந்து போய் அறிக்கை விட்டுள்ளது.
அவனை விடுங்கள். அண்ணா பல்கலையில் இப்படி எல்லாமா ஏமாறுவார்கள்? கொடுமை.

Officials of the University of California, Berkeley, have rejected the claim of a city engineering student that he was conferred a doctorate from the varsity. Based on a report in the Anna University's newsletter, The Hindu carried a story on October 28, 2013.

Officials of the University of California, Berkeley, have rejected the claim of a city engineering student that he was conferred a doctorate from the varsity. They charged that the student had been circulating false documents.

Anna University had published a report on the student's achievement in its monthly newsletter on Saturday. Based on this, The Hindu carried an article on Rohit Gunturi, a student of the College of Engineering, Guindy.
In an e-mail, Prof Wick Haxton of UC Berkeley clarified that Gunturi did not present any paper at the university's conference, as claimed by him. He had submitted two abstracts, both of which were rejected.

"The conference is open to anyone who applies. Mr. Gunturi did attend the conference. Since his abstracts were rejected, he was allowed to present a poster at the meeting. The poster session is again open to anyone -- no refereeing of any kind is involved," he said in an email.

Officials at UC Berkeley clarified that they did not confer any doctorate on him and said they had since got in touch with Anna University which had posted a claim to this effect on its website and newsletter. Anna University sources had earlier said that they had planned a felicitation for him.

Experts said while a search online revealed a few letters of appreciation for Mr. Gunturi for his discovery of a new fundamental particle in astrophysics, the validity of these claims was questionable, considering the papers he published in an open access journal. "The credibility of some of the journals in which he has published his work is questionable. Also, a look at his work shows it is not of a superior quality, and mostly of class XII level," said a professor at IIT- Madras.

Murali Krishna Ramanathan, assistant professor, Indian Institute of Science, said there have been many instances of candidates submitting papers that often had plagiarised content. "In order to do cutting-edge research, one has to present or publish at top conferences or journals . Typically, the quality of the conferences or journals can be gauged by looking at the programme committee or the editor and editorial board for journals. After a paper is reviewed by renowned experts, it gets published. Unfortunately, currently there are a number of conferences/journals that have cropped up where anything is published. The authors of such papers use these opportunities to further their own careers," he said.

Anna University Vice Chancellor M.Rajaram told The Hindu that he had received a communication from the UCBerkeley and was looking into the matter. "We have had instances of students getting recognised for their work by foreign universities. Hence, there was nothing to suspect. We are appalled at the turn of events and we are trying to get in touch with the student," another official said. The university has removed the report of Mr. Gunturi's work from its website.
Mr. Gunturi was not available for comment.
The story that appeared on October 28, 2013.

A student of Anna University has earned a doctorate from a foreign university even before completing his graduation.

Rohit Gunturi, a final-year B.E. student of electronics and communication engineering (ECE) at College of Engineering, Guindy, has been awarded a PhD. by the University of California, Berkeley, eight months before he graduates, for his outstanding research in physics.

Rohit worked on the inner structure of the electron and carried out most of his work on sub-atomic particles of electrons in high-energy physics laboratories at Thumba in Kerala.

“I never wanted to do engineering. I had always wanted to pursue physics, but my father said only a degree in engineering would ensure a good career. So, I chose a stream like ECE, which has the most physics,” he said.

When he failed in two subjects in the first-year examinations, Rohit went back to physics. “Since Anna University did not have facilities for high-quality research, I approached other institutions. I spent hours reading about advancements in physics and the work of scientists such as Neils Bohr,” he said.
“I cleared the arrears but failed in more subjects in subsequent years. Clearing university exams needed preparation with frequently-asked questions. I never had the time or inclination to do that because of my interest and involvement in physics research,” he said.

Encouraged by his professors at the University, Rohit started publishing research papers and attending conferences. “My greatest worry was losing out on attendance in college. Every morning, I would sit and calculate the number of days of attendance I needed to get the mandatory 75 per cent attendance,” he said. Rohit published his first paper in the International Journal of Science and Engineering Research in 2012, and his subsequent eight papers were published by the Journal of Physics.

After presenting papers at conferences in Amsterdam and Berkeley, a professor of UC, Berkeley, met him in Amsterdam and expressed interest in his work.

“Last month, he invited me to attend a conference in Berkeley. He was so impressed with my research he conferred a doctorate on me. I was thrilled because of the five persons awarded doctorates, I was the only Indian,” said Rohit. He now plans to accept the offer made by the University to pursue integrated PhD. in particle physics.

“I have a job offer from Accenture too. But physics is my first love. I cannot imagine doing anything else.”

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